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Safe Communications Forms New Corporate Security Division


Press Release Source: Safe Communications Inc. On Monday November 29, 2010, 8:00 am EST

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 29, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — SAFE COMMUNICATIONS, INC, (Pink Sheets:SGTB.pkNews) announced today that the company has formed a new corporate security division that will concentrate on reducing internal theft for corporations and retail store outlets. The new division, “MaskMail” will be headed up by international security expert, Chuck Vance. Mr. Vance is also on Safe Communications’ Child Cyber Safety Advisory Board. It is contemplated that that new “MaskMail” website will be launched in the next two weeks.

The new division will employ the company’s patent pending, anonymous reporting system to enable customers to receive anonymous reports of theft and other wrongdoing. The company is contemplating the possible distribution of a portion of the new corporate security division’s shares to company stockholders as of some future record date, which the company is working on but has yet to be determined.

A recent National Retail Security Survey showed total retail losses cost retailers $33.5 billion last year. According to the survey, the largest percentage of retail shrinkage last year was due to employee theft, at$14.4 billion, accounting for 43 percent of total losses. In its 2010 Report to the Nations, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) said that corporate fraud cost the global economy more than $2.9 trillion in 2009. ACFE surveyed fraud examiners in 106 countries examining 1,843 cases of fraud to reach its conclusions.

John Venners, Safe Communications President stated:

“Our corporate/retail security system, using our anonymous technology, has been successfully tested over the past few years, and we feel now is the time to deploy it on a large scale basis. Our anonymous MaskMail system will be one of the only ones available that is a third party system, allowing customers and employees to report theft and wrongdoing without fear of repercussions or getting discovered. With the current struggling economy, corporate and retail theft has increased and we feel the time is excellent to pursue this business. However, we do not feel this system should be combined with the Safe Communications children’s web site and we are therefore creating a new division for this business. This will separate the two businesses, and also, in a move to enhance shareholder value, we are contemplating spinning a portion of this division off to Safe Communications shareholders in the near future. We feel there is nobody better than Chuck Vance to run this division. His Secret Service background and previous track record in building Vance International into one of the largest security firms speaks for itself.”

Mr. Vance stated:

“With retail shrinkage in the U.S. at $33.5 billion and worldwide corporate fraud costing the global economy more than $2.9 trillion in 2009, there is a desperate need for new technology to first prevent crime and second to report crime at the workplace. Corporate and retail fraud, as well as sexual harassment, workplace violence, use of drugs, compliance violations, fair contracting violations (Sarbanes-Oxley), etc. costs companies billions more in lawsuits, absenteeism, and public relations. MaskMail is a simple, confidential, but effective way for companies to be tipped off by employees, vendors, suppliers, and others, so that a company may investigate, mitigate and take action against employees and others who are damaging their company–and the company’s bottom line. Far superior to the telephone call-in “tip lines” that have been moderately effective in the past, an anonymous e-mail system gives the sender more confidence (no voice identification), clearer understanding (written word versus spoken), and a more complete and thorough reporting (through the use of well thought out questions and prompts). MaskMail customers should realize a quick return on investment from our product. .”

The patent pending, anonymous reporting system allows subscribers to set up anonymous emails for their employees and for customers to report wrongdoing at the workplace or bad service at their stores. Using its anonymous email capability, considered among the most advanced anonymous reporting technologies, the system gives business owners the ability to set up an email template, address it to themselves or other management personnel, and allow workers to send that email to the management anonymously. The new division’s SMS (Short Message Service) system and its anonymous chat rooms afford law enforcement agencies the capability to correspond back and forth with citizens willing to pass on information as long as they are guaranteed anonymity. The anonymous chat rooms allow persons to sign in to a chat with law enforcement or corporate representatives, while remaining completely anonymous.

About Chuck Vance:

Charles “Chuck” Vance
A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Mr. Vance spent 14 years as a Special Agent of the US Secret Service during which he served under four presidential administrations, protecting Presidents, Vice Presidents and numerous foreign heads of state. His specialty, for which he received many in-service awards, was leading and coordinating the security for complex overseas trips including trips to Kabul, Afghanistan:Rabat, Morocco; Adddis Ababa, Ethiopia: Saigon, Vietnam; Tokyo, Japan; and many others. In addition, he led over 100 security advances for US Secret Service protectees in the United States.

In 1984, he founded and was the CEO of, Vance International, Inc., a major international security firm. Vance International operated throughout the world and provided the highest quality security services, including: executive protection, facility security, investigations, security training, strike security, and security consulting. Vance grew the company to over 3,000 employees with offices throughout the US and in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London and South Africa, and provided security for corporations, US and foreign governments, and private clients. His company had an international reputation as one of the premier security companies in the world. He sold this company in 2004 to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

Vance has appeared on both US and foreign television and print media over 300 times (Good Morning America, Today, Night Line, Larry King Live, Crossfire, BBC, German TV, Etc.) commenting as an expert on security incidents occurring throughout the world. He has testified, as an expert witness, before a Senate fact-finding committee on Presidential Security.

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