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The Suggestion Box Files Patents for a New Website Protecting Children From Predators or Abuse on the Internet

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 3, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Suggestion Box, Inc. (Pink Sheets:SGTB) announced today that the company filed two sets of patents surrounding a new, safe way for children and teenagers to send emails to friends and family. With newly developed, patent pending technology, this site will filter and screen all incoming and outgoing email messages for bad or undesirable content. If the content is questionable, the email is automatically forwarded to the parent for clearance. Once seen, the parent can forward it to the child or stop it from going any further. The parents will also be able to approve or disapprove any new contacts the child will want to correspond with. Any emails coming in from someone that has not been approved will automatically be diverted to the parent for their approval.

In the new age of technology, text messaging and emailing are the primary ways people now correspond. There are many positives to this, but negatives as well. Flooding the news waves recently is the problem of sexting, or teenagers sending messages with nude pictures of themselves or other sexual content to multiple recipients. Bullying is another problem in schools and is prevalent in texting. Pedophiles and child molesters use the Internet to set up unsuspecting children for meetings, where the child gets kidnapped and/or sexually abused. This new system will eliminate the majority of suspect emails getting through to the child. The primary goal of this new website,, will be to protect children from being exposed to any of the above.

The company has also developed and filed patents on a point system which is configured to allow a parent or other third parties, such as a school teacher, to assign tasks and create calendars for children where they can earn points when a task is completed or a school question is answered correctly. There is a bank in the system so that the child and parents will know how many points the child has to spend at any time. The company expects the points to be redeemable by the child at numerous merchants, both online and off. The system will also allow school teachers to access the calendars in order to post assignments for the children. The web site will have over 100 free games at inception.

The company expects to launch the web site in the very near future. To be added to our launch announcement, please register at


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