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Safe Communications Presents Its First “Family Day” In Conjunction With Nick Cannon.


Press Release Source: Safe Communications, Inc. June 27, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Safe Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SGTB). Safe Communications announced today that its “child safe” virtual world, Kuboo.com, along with award-winning actor, comedian, TV entertainer and Kuboo spokesperson Nick Cannon will be presenting their first Family Day event this fall.  Entitled “Family Day 2012”, the event is an opportunity for family members, relatives, and community to gather together for games, prizes, rides, and some surprise entertainment.

The spectacular event will be held at Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica California on October 6, 2012.  For more information and current updates, go to our website at www.FamilyDay2012.com.

Safe Communications provides secure email and web texting service free of charge through its kids site, MouseMail.com.  Parents must register their children and pre-approve all contacts.  Any unapproved contacts or inappropriate content will be diverted directly to the parent for further action.  In addition, the company offers totally secure video chat that also requires parental contact approval.  Safe Communications is accepting a limited number of people to test and review its beta version of the most advanced safe 3D virtual world, with individualized Avatars, for small children called KUBOO.  Those interested in participating should visit www.KUBOO.com. The KUBOO world will be filled with educational features, age appropriate games as well as interactive capabilities with approved contacts.

About Safe Communications:

Safe Communications, Inc. provides open and secure family communications that are in step with today’s advances in social media. While protecting our most precious asset, our children, our systems are designed to enhance the quality and frequency of day-to-day communications among family members. We allow users to experience the marvel of advanced technology without fear or danger.

Safe Communications’ products, led by MouseMail.com, are designed for the modern family on the go. Early detection devices warn parents of potential abuse and inappropriate content, allowing secure, open exchange with loved ones and friends. Safe Communications designs products so that your children can enjoy the electronic ride without being exposed to potential harm or abuse. For more information, contact: info@safecommunications.com or visit us online at www.mousemail.com or www.Kuboo.com .

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