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Safe Communications Launches Its New Child Safe Video Chat

MouseMail.com is an online, safe environment developed for young children under 11 using email, web texting or the new Video Chat. Children can only be accessed by persons pre approved by parents.

Press Release Source: Safe Communications, Inc. On Thursday August 11, 2011, 8:00 am EDT

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Safe Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets:SGTB.pkNews) announced today that the company has launched its child safe video chat. The Video Chat will be a premium upgrade to the companies’ free email and web texting service, which gives parents the opportunity to teach children to responsibly interact with others while using online communications.

The new, patent pending technology will prevent children from having any contacts via video without the parent first approving the contact. The MouseMail chat can be used safely and easily by the youngest children, allowing them to create a video chat with another person simply by clicking on the person’s picture,  while preventing anyone from contacting the child unless pre-approved by a parent.

The MouseMail technology is geared to the youngest children first learning to use computers, giving them the ability to safely contact close friends and family members. MouseMail.com currently has Emailing and Web Texting that was created for children between the ages of 4 and 11 to protect them from, sexting, bullying and pedophiles, by blocking any contacts not approved by the parent or any correspondence with derogatory content.  That, combined with the new Video Chat technology, gives a child full protection while using the Internet for communicating with others.

About Safe Communications:

Safe Communications, Inc. provides open and secure family communications that are in step with today’s advances in social media. While protecting our most precious asset, our children, our systems are designed to enhance the quality and frequency of day-to-day communications among family members. We allow users to experience the marvel of advanced technology without fear or danger.

Safe Communications’ products, led by MouseMail.com, are designed for the modern family on the go. Early detection devices warn parents of potential abuse and inappropriate content, allowing secure, open exchange with loved ones and friends. Just as your child is not allowed to enjoy a ride in the car without a seat belt, Safe Communications designs products so that your children can enjoy the electronic ride without being exposed to potential harm or abuse. For more information, contact: info@safecommunications.com or visit us online at www.mousemail.com.

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