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More Than 5 Million Children Under the Age of 10 at Risk; All New MouseMail.com Expressly Designed to Protect Youngest Users from Online Abuse and Predators

Patent-pending technology can send adverse Facebook postings to parents before they reach the child, forewarning them of sexual content or potential problems

Press Release Source: Safe Communications Inc. On Thursday May 26, 2011, 8:00 am EDT

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A comprehensive web access portal specially designed for children under 10 is now available for first time users, MouseMail.com, a product of Safe Communications, Inc. (OTC:SGTB.obNews), the leading provider of technology safety applications for children, announced today. The service protects kids from online bullies and predators, a serious threat as outlined in a recent study showing that one million children under 13 were harassed or bullied on Facebook in the last year and more than five million Facebook users were under the age of 10.

“The Internet opens a lot of doors for children to learn and grow, but it unfortunately also makes them vulnerable to bullies and online predators,” said John Venners, president and CEO of Safe Communications Inc.  “The Consumer Reports study identifies the problem. MouseMail.com is the solution.”

Safe Communications recently developed MouseMail.com, a free application that allows parents to filter their child’s email and text messages for inappropriate language that is indicative of cyberbullying and/or sexting. The system blocks any outside users from contacting the child and allows communication to flow freely between approved users.

MouseMail.com may also alert parents to questionable Facebook content that indicates potential problems. When something is posted to a child’s Facebook page, the child automatically receives an email notification with the posting in it. If the child is a MouseMail.com member using their MouseMail.com email address, the email with derogatory content will be diverted to the parent, alerting them to the posting to any sexual content or threats to the child, potentially before the child is even aware of it.

A Consumer Reports study released May 10 found that 7.5 million children under 13 years old have Facebook accounts, even though underage use is a violation of the site’s terms of service. More than 5 million users were under age 10.

“Children are discovering the Internet at younger and younger ages,” said Venners. “It’s virtually impossible – and potentially destructive – to try to prevent them from using the Internet at all. The key is to teach safe surfing and networking habits from the very beginning and keep lines of communication open so parents are aware of any potential problems as or before they arise.”

The study recommended several steps parents can take to protect their kids on Facebook, including monitoring the child’s account by becoming their “friend” or having the account deleted entirely, because users under 13-years-old are in violation of Facebook’s terms of service. It also stressed the importance of creating safe environments in which they can learn safe surfing habits.

About Safe Communications Inc.

Safe Communications Inc. operates MouseMail.com, which provides children a safe place to interact with progressive technology and social media. MouseMail provides early detection that warns parents of potential abuse and inappropriate content shared and received through electronic devices, such as cell phones, and social networking tools, such as email, text messaging and Facebook.

The system is designed to enhance the quality and frequency of day-to-day communications among family members, offering useful tools such as calendars and task lists in addition to security measures for children. MouseMail.com allows children to experience the advantages of advanced technology while protecting them from potential online threats.