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Safe Communications Registrants Surpass 100,000 on MouseMail.Com

New Version to Focus on “First Time Users”

Press Release Source: Safe Communications, Inc. On Tuesday April 12, 2011, 8:00 am EDT

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Safe Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets:SGTB.pkNews) announced today that the number of registrants on their child safety site, MouseMail.Com, has surpassed 100,000 users, a significant amount considering the site is still in its early stages. A new, revamped version of MouseMail.Com will be released in stages over the next 30 days, incorporating recommendations and concerns voiced by parents on the site.

MouseMail.Com is a tool that allows parents to filter their child’s email and text messages for inappropriate language that is indicative of cyberbullying and/or sexting. The system blocks any outside users from contacting the child and allows communication to flow freely between approved users. The parents are only alerted if certain key words are detected and flagged.

The upcoming, revised version of MouseMail.Com will focus primarily on the first time users of the internet, 6-10 year olds. In addition to filtering messages, the site will be more “kid” friendly, adding age appropriate games, a reward driven point system leading to prizes, animation and related interactive educational tools.

John Venners, CEO of Safe Communications, Inc., said, “We are thrilled to see that more than 100,000 users have now registered for our free service and wish to thank them for their invaluable input leading to this new release. It is evident that the public is concerned about the growing epidemic surrounding cyberbullying and the benefits of having a free product like MouseMail.Com available to them and their children.”

Dr. Robin Kowalski, Clemson University psychology professor/cyberbullying expert and Adviser to Safe Communications, confirmed that parents of “first time” users are perplexed on how best to protect their children as they enter the cyber world.   “Educating both parents and children on the seriousness of unprotected access to digital communications early on is vital to help curb cyberbullying in their upcoming teenage years,” said Kowalski.  According to Kowalski, “technology is permeating into kindergarten and even younger.  It’s great that Safe Communications has risen to the challenge by providing a safe environment for young, first time users.”

About Safe Communications:

Safe Communications, Inc. provides open and secure family communications that are in step with today’s advances in social media. While protecting our most precious asset, our children, our systems are designed to enhance the quality and frequency of day-to-day communications among family members. We allow users to experience the marvel of advanced technology without fear or danger.

Safe Communications’ products, led by MouseMail.Com, are designed for the modern family on the go. Early detection devices warn parents of potential abuse and inappropriate content, allowing secure, open exchange with loved ones and friends. Just as your child is not allowed to enjoy a ride in the car without a seat belt, Safe Communications designs products so that your children can enjoy the electronic ride without being exposed to potential harm or abuse. For more information, contact: info@safecommunications.com or visit us online at www.mousemail.com.

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